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5 Top Picks that will make your home ready for a Summer sale

Just the thought of summer makes us beam with excitement, joy and ecstasy.

Suddenly, no matter our age, we’re all feeling a little more carefree and ready for new experiences.

Some of you though will be dealing with new choices, especially when it comes to picturing the place you will call “home”.

These past few months have made most people re-think their priorities and that applies especially to the environment we all have spent most of our time in, our homes.

For this reason many of you will be ready to put thoughts into action and sell that space that no longer represents you, considering the change you went through in these past few months, and start over somewhere else, closer to your newfound sense of self.

That space could be home to someone else though that has put a home just like yours in the top priorities of things to achieve by the end of summer.

Without getting too philosophical and moody, after all it is summer and we were just telling you about the fun driven adventures always associated with this season, here’s what we suggest to aspiring home sellers to make your place stand out and ready to find a new owner.

We went for five great ideas that will turn your place into the most sought after summer sale!

Coffee Tables

Working from home has increased our consumption of homemade coffee while working so why not adding coffee tables to your living room so that you could keep up this new ritual even while relaxing and watching television? Besides they’re also perfect for a cocktail to unwind when your working day is over!

Here’s our pick from Dunelm, the Ritz Black Set of 2 Coffee Tables £ 209

A new sofa and matching armchair

What better way to make a statement than by pairing up a nice accent colour sofa with a matching armchair for your living room?

You’ll make an impression and make the room glimmer with style and refinery.

We have opted for a dreamy and romantic pink setup to make your living room glow.

Once again Dunelm comes to the rescue with these impossible-to-miss-out-on items!

Isabel Velvet Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa £ 699

Rosalie Velvet Shell Chair – Pink £ 249

Marble inspired wallpaper

Everybody associates marble with class and sophistication so we thought it would be wise to add this Grand Marble Mural, £ 100, from I love Wallpaper that will recreate the look of marble and still be quite affordable and elegant.

Any home would benefit from this bright feature that will also make your chosen room seem brighter.

Posters, Posters and more Posters!

What a better way to make an angle shine then by adding a Poster to its wall?

We have selected the perfect prints from Desenio with a summer-y vibe to them

Vintage Car in Italy Poster, £ 12.95

Barcelona Travel Poster £ 13.95

Lastly, we thought of adding sophisticated decorative objects, such as this crackled globe from Zara Home, £ 49.99, that will make certain angles of your living room stand out, showing potential buyers that everything about the place was craftly curated and organised.

Crackled Globe, Zara Home, £ 49.99

So are you ready to make your property stand out from the crowd and have the sale of your summer?

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