• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

What Fuels Me As An Industry Leader

Colin Powell once said: “The freedom to do your best means nothing unless you are willing to do your best”.

When I started this journey with the Home Staging Association, I never anticipated the challenges we would encounter.

The idea was to get to know like-minded professionals and create something new. And a few months in, all of that was successfully achieved but we were surprised by the amount of Estate Agents that didn’t know what Home Staging was, a public that had no idea of the benefits of Home Staging and professionals that were thirsty for information and qualification, with nowhere to turn to.

Two Home Staging Reports and more than 10 events later in just over a year, it is safe to say the HSA has grown. We have provided education to 230 professionals directly, and hundreds, if not thousands of members of the public and property professionals now know a bit more about our activity via our several features and instructional material.

Our community of members has become one of the most beautiful groups I have ever seen. So supportive and positive, formed by genuinely good people that want to see everyone thrive and to make our industry stronger.

The challenges of our industry and the market are real. And they are big. But when I look back at how little connection and resources we had before I founded the Home Staging Association and when I think of our amazing members, facing these challenges head-on comes easy. It is all worth it.

Being recognised by the IAHSP Best of Staging Awards 2020 for Industry Leadership was a great honour, and a sweet reminder that I am probably on the right track.

I hope I can carry on leading the Home Staging Industry in the UK & Ireland to its ultimate success – this is only the beginning and I am 110% willing to keep on doing my best.

A big thank you,

Paloma Harrington-Griffin - Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

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