• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Feeling the Spring Breeze!

Nothing brings out happiness like the sunshine!

With the sun beginning to shine, the days starting to get longer, it is clear we are well on our way to welcoming spring, with open arms too.

There is no reason why this same feeling shouldn’t be welcomed into your homes. We are at the start of the beginning to stage for spring but there is nothing wrong with getting ahead. That’s why we have decided to give you some tips & tricks to begin the spring stage season, whether it be your own home, selling a home for a client or just staging inspired!

Deep Clean

With sunshine also comes clarity, and if you’ve been neglecting the home over winter, this clarity can also show the mess. We suggest a deep clean. Scrub the windows and leave them open bringing in the spring air, rub all the nooks that we neglect and wipe the dust of winter away. The deep clean feeling will be like no other, bringing those spring smiles.


It is no secret that at HSA and the home staging industry as a whole, we believe de-cluttering is home staging 101. However, clutter sometimes brings comfort and warmth. Having all your books & snacks in reaching distance of the sofa is something everything wants!

In spring, it’s all about taking advantage of the sunshine and getting off the sofa, so this clutter can now be put away. Whether you use storage baskets, drawers or baskets, put the clutter away and give a clean spring feel to your rooms.

Pop of Pastel

2021 trends bring in neutral colours, inspired by the Pantone colours of the year grey and yellow, these neutral colours with a small pop of colour are in. Toned down from recent years, we suggest a pastel pop of colour to keep in with the neutral trend. A pastel yellow blanket, a light blue feature chair or pastel colours will bring spring into any home and keep the smile on anyone’s face.


Now we know we can’t spend too much time outside at the moment, but with restrictions being released across Spring, we can get ourselves used to the outdoors by bringing it into our home. Plants look good and do good! Let the plants regulate your oxygen levels while reminding you whenever you see them, the outside is waiting for us.

Light materials

Since the days are getting longer, it means they’re getting warmer. It’s time to start thinking about saying goodbye to those heavy, cosy winter blankets or that extra thick quilt that has given you comfort over the past couple of months. Switch to light materials, such as Linen, to prepare. A lightweight blanket, changing to linen curtains, swapping to that lightweight quilt; all will bring a welcoming sign that spring is coming into your home.

Put on a spring scented candle and say goodbye to winter!

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