• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Home Staging Tips for Online Viewings

Coronavirus is forcing everyone to adapt and brainstorm solutions. For home hunters, home stagers and real estate agents, the solution for us comes in the form of Online Viewings.

With the new restrictions allowing home moves within the lockdown, differing from the first lockdown 10 months ago, the property industry is full speed ahead. Online viewings whether they are self-guided tours, pre-recorded videos or online appointments allow viewers to get a feel for the home, without leaving their own home.

Since we know online viewings can be daunting with them being a new phenomenon, we have curated some tips for online viewings when it comes to home staging. Use our tips here at HSA below to get optimal use out of your online viewings:

  1. Light – Pick a time in the early afternoon/early morning, this will allow the best lighting for your video. It allows the wall colours to pop and displays the viewers the amount of light the house lets in. A bright video will create a bright mindset, which is what you want your viewers to have.

  2. Slow movement – Rushing your video will make the viewer feel as if the video was an inconvenience and may not even finish it. By slowly going through the home, every part of the house will be seen with viewers feeling like they’re there in real life. No one goes to view a house and runs around it, so why should the video?

  3. Emphasise – While the whole video needs to be slow fluid movement, there is nothing stopping you going that extra bit slower when showing key features. A gorgeous staircase, a breath-taking view or a room that brings the home together all can be emphasised. By emphasising it will stick in the viewers' heads for longer making them remember those wonderful key features.

  4. Include the WHOLE room – there’s nothing worse than watching an online viewing and only seeing one point of view. The viewers need to see a span of the whole room from various points of view. Allow viewers to see their potential home from every corner which will establish trust, proving you aren’t hiding anything. Nothing puts a viewer off more than thinking there are secrets behind the camera.

Although we look forward to face-to-face viewings, using online viewings to our advantage allows us to still succeed and match someone with their future home!

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