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How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Many people fear the costs involved with staging a property, whether that being from using a professional staging company or furnishing your home on your own.

But the truth is, Home Staging doesn’t need to be overly expensive. If anything, it should be seen as a vital investment that could even make you a profit on your property in the long haul - according to the Home Staging Report, by the Home Staging Association, 85% of estate agents reported that a staged home sells up to three times faster than a non-staged property.

Initial Costs

The costs of Home Staging vary to a wide degree, depending on how many rooms need staging, if the property is vacant, and the amount of service that is required. However, it is estimated that costs can range between £500 to upwards of £5000.

For those who are looking to take the DIY approach, prices are often on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but are less likely to achieve a profitable return on their property. According to the HSA Report, 70% of agents stated home staging increased the offer value by 1-10%, with 16% reporting a 7-10% rise in offer value. In addition, 77%t of developers saw a return in their investment, reporting that the sale of the property paid for the cost of staging, highlighting how professional staging often is the best choice financially for homeowners.

How to Save on Costs

There are many ways to save on the costs of Home Staging, in order to maximise your property’s potential without leaving a gaping hole in your wallet. Focusing on the main areas of your home is one of the most efficient options, with 74% of estate agents considering the reception room as the most important to be staged for a sale, with another 10%choosing the kitchen and another 10% stating the master bedroom. Thus, prioritising the staging of these rooms will help to keep costs to a minimum, but also keep your property as desirable as possible.

Cutting corners can also be a great way of saving on Home Staging. Through personal home improvement tasks such as decluttering and depersonalising décor, home owners can appeal more to potential home buyers requirements, allowing them to envision themselves in your home, resulting in more potential offers.

All in all, the costs of Home Staging are not as large and financially consuming as many people believe. Those who use professional staging services may have to fork out initially, but will find that their home sells faster, for a better price, and without months on the market carrying costs.

And remember: the investment in Home Staging is always less than the first price reduction.


Are you a stager and looking to find out more about the right price structure for your business? Take a look at our resources or get in touch so I can assist further!

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