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How to Prepare and Stage a Property for a Future Sale

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As the creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz, would say: a stager can do as little or as much as the seller would like.

Home staging is a service that doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be time-consuming.

According to the latest Home Staging Report by the Home Staging Association, 71% of property professionals, including Estage Agents and Property Developers, agreed that staging increases the number of viewings, which contributes to a faster sale.

Are you a home seller looking to get your home prepared for a viewing? Or perhaps you are looking to get started in staging as your new career?

Regardless of your intentions within the property industry, below are a few examples (and tips!) of some simple staging moves that can make a big difference when marketing a property.

  • Create Focal Points: Each room should have an area where eyes are naturally drawn to. Think creatively to come up with ways of repurposing objects to take centre stage.

  • Rearrange Furniture: With living rooms, symmetrical arrangements work really well. Pull your furniture off the walls and rearrange them to create an inviting area.

  • Bookcase organising: Rearrange your bookcase for some extra character. Remove nearly half of your books and leave some of the remaining ones stacked horizontally, and some in vertical position.

  • Let There Be Light: Updating lighting fixtures makes a major difference. Ensure you have a good balance between ambient, task and accent lighting to help brighten up a room.

  • Don’t Forget Outside: Whether your garden is acres long or only a compact balcony, play around and accessorize. Try adding a chic table and chair set with a stunning centerpiece.

  • Ask For Help: Remember, hiring a home staging professional could make all the difference in getting the best offer value! Do turn to the HSA to find the best one in your area.

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