• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

How to prepare your holiday let property for the summer

While we’re still enjoying spring, the perks of warmer weather and the return to some sort of normality, it’s impossible not to be already thinking about summer and travelling.

After all these months in lockdown we all want to be outside as much as we can and explore new and exciting places now that we’re allowed.

Lots of people will be already thinking about booking their summer holiday and are probably scrolling down Airbnb as we type!

We believe that most people will be looking into renting a house for the summer because it feels safer, allows more privacy and gives tenants the possibility to throw dinner parties with their loved ones in a new invigorating location.

It’s not surprising that the term “staycation” has become increasingly popular in the past year, making it easier for home owners to rent out their holiday properties in the country.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a staycation is, we’re talking about a holiday spent in your own country, often in a place one hasn’t explored yet, that involves day trips to local attractions while being based at a rented home.

More and more people are choosing to spend their days off work this way because of the uncertainty of travelling abroad right now.

So if you are lucky enough to have a holiday property, just waiting to be booked, you’re in the right place!

Indeed we have come up with five different ways to make your holiday property more appealing so that it would come up on top of the “dream holiday escape rentals” list, making it a no brainer to choose your property over someone else’s.

We took into consideration the fact that you wouldn’t want to completely alter your property’s setting because it has to be a sustainable investment and not something that would cost you more than just leave it the way it is.

That’s why just tiny little extra touches are what’s dominating our “to do” list, making it easy, quick and feasible to re-brand your property!

Here’s what we’re suggesting:

1) Let’s start from the first thing your potential tenants will see when they get to your property or look it up online: the door! We’d suggest to paint it in a warm and bright colour to match summer’s vibes.

This warm yellow with reddish undertones paint from Lick will definitely leave a mark on your property. Yellow 02 Exterior £38, 2.5 L

2) We believe that this simple but classy Kempton Shoe Bench, £ 75, from Dunelm will show your tenants that you are a very detail oriented home owner, careful when it comes to providing a clean and organised environment.

3) For your outdoor area we thought of these three items to give your holiday property a touch of sophistication mixed with simplicity.

This Adira outdoor coffee table in teak wood, £ 144.95, available on the Sklum website, will make your tenants feel like they’ve just stepped into a secluded Mediterranean property without even leaving the country.

We’d suggest to pair it up with this Kotga Garden Hammock, £ 25.95, rigorously in Ocher to match your table’s colour, to contribute to that relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. It is also available on the Sklum website.

The last item we thought of for your outdoor area is this trendy Ivy Line Outdoor Metal Cooking Bowl, £ 79, from Made, that’s been climbing up the ladder of the not to miss items for your outdoor cooking space.

4) Mirror Mirror on the wall

It wouldn’t be a re-decoration without a statement mirror to give your holiday property its own personality that will captivate potential tenants’ curiosity while scrolling through the many listed properties available.

This Leyla Graphic Wall Shelf with a Mirror in it, £89, is the perfect accessory for your hallway or living room area. It’s available on the Made website.

5) Coloured linen bedding

Your bedroom needs to feel like an inviting and clean space, that’s why we thought you should definitely buy new bedding sheets to match the environment.

We thought of this Sage Green Luxury Core Bedding Bundle from Linenbundle, £ 162.50.

Lastly we wanted to give you an advice for your holiday property’s pictures: you should keep all of your blinds open so that your tenants can have an idea of how much sunlight it gets during the day and see your property truly shine.

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