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Introducing ‘Home Staging as a Marketing Tool for Real Estate Agents’

It is no secret that the Home Staging Association encourages professionals to seek education opportunities, as we believe knowledge is power!

Our Accredited Courses help to expand knowledge and give professionals a step up over others in the industry. We are continuing to develop new content and to make them widely available to help the property industry as a whole, which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest course.

We are proud to introduce the ‘Home Staging as a Marketing Tool for Real Estate Agents’ online course. 100% of estate agents agreed home staging made it easier for potential buyers to visualise a property as their future home, which is why we are excited to help them in the process by teaching them how to bring significant results to their business via Home Staging.

Home Staging is an exceptional marketing tool that doesn’t only benefit homeowners but real estate agents and developers too! With Home Staging increasing the offer value by up to 10%, it is no wonder real estate agents should learn more about it- and this tailor-made course teaches all there is to know about benefiting from this go-to marketing tool.

The course involves a detailed list of content, including:

Home Staging history and fundamentals

  • The link between Home Staging and the Real Estate Industry

  • Home Staging Statistics

  • Home Staging and The Property Sale Process: Preparation, pricing and marketing.

  • Home Staging Process: Finding a professional, investment and what to expect.

  • Home Staging as a Marketing Tool: How to use it, how to sell, benefits, and how it affects your business.

In addition to real-life case studies, the content is unmissable and helps Agents to sell better and faster.

Take the importance of Home Staging and Real Estate from Martyn Baum PPNAE from Martyn Baum Consultancy, “If you’re not supporting your sellers with preparing their property for sale, you are missing out as your competitors will be!”.

We have prepared a FREE Training for Estate Agents that will talk you through when to stage a property and which properties benefit from it.


Sign up today and start learning how to benefit from Home Staging!


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