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Matching 2021: Brands to hit the trends

2020 is a year no one wants to relive, especially through our home decor. That’s why we’ve pinpointed brand picks that will keep you on-trend for 2021.

Yellow & Grey

As if we haven’t had enough surprises in the past year, Pantone chose not one, but two colours for the year 2021 was as unexpected as them all. Their choice of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright yellow, has us inspired.

Our pick for this trend is the Louis De Poortere Streaks Sea Bright Rug from John Lewis & Partners. The perfect mixture of colours will bring the trend into any home.

Earthy, Natural & Muted

Leading on from colours of the years, Dulux has selected ‘brave ground’ as their colour of the year. One thing is for sure, we are obsessed. The neutral tone paired with brass lighting, natural wood and plants is enough to make anyone feel welcome and at ease. Use the earthy tone to create a base for your creativity

To bring this into any home, the Truffle Sofa is our recommendation. This earthy tone is very simple, yet chic sofa adds to the base for creativity while being right on colour.

Ocean Hues

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, everyone is missing their sea fix the past couple of months. Our solution? Bring the ocean hues colour palette into your home to make you feel like you’re touching distance from the waves. The calming, quiet effect of the blues, warming reds and subtle greens will have you calm.

Our picks don’t always have to be decor, in fact for ocean hues we recommend a splash of paint. Our pick is ‘Quintessential Blue’. This calming colour on any wall will make you feel seafront in the space of your own home.

Global Influence

Globe trotters and holiday fanatics around the world are confined to their own spaces for the first time ever, so it’s no surprise global influence is a 2021 trend. Pieces inspired by cultures around the world will have to do for the time being.

Our favourite pick to make you feel like you’re abroad is wall prints. Whether you want to escape to Chicago or Milan, Desenio’s affordable collection helps you escape wherever you like. Our top pick is the Canal in Venice poster. The blush pinks can make anyone envision being there.


Calling cottage core a trend would be an understatement. Cottagecore has taken the lead in 2021 trends with everyone looking for that outdoorsy life to connect us to nature when we are very much indoors.

This was a hard one to pick but obtain the cosy country feel in your home by the Sklum Anpers Recycled Wood Shelving. Paired with picture frames or a brass vase, it will bring cottage core to any corner of the house.

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