• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Meeting Barb Schwarz - The Creator of Home Staging

Home Staging has been around for quite some time, having become more popular in the UK only in the last few years.

In the States, Barb Schwarz has been staging since the 1970's, having personally taught over one million people in her classes since 1985.

I had the pleasure to meet with this living legend on the 21st November in Milan, Italy, where she spoke at the Home Philosophy Academy event.

Having been a part of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals for 2 years now, I had had the opportunity to learn Barb's teachings and speak to her on video calls, and was very much looking forward to seeing her in person.

Everyone at the event was very excited for her arrival. The beautiful room at Chateau Monfort, the venue chosen for the afternoon, was filled with staging and real estate professionals thirsty for information and inspiration.

When Barb entered the room, it was like a ray of light had shone upon everyone. A beam of positive energy stroke upon all of us as Barb said hello and the talk began.

She spoke about her mission, about love and, as expected, about staging. However, you wouldn't hear her sharing staging tips. What we learned that day was deeper and more meaningful than how-to's.

Barb has been staging and teaching for a long time. She has been doing it before many people even knew what it was.

Sanja Radovanovic - IAHSP®Europe, Paloma Harrington-Grififn - HSA UK & Ireland, Barb Schwarz, Francesca Greco-  Home Philoshophy Academy.

Throughout her career, Barb has understood the true meaning of loving what you do and the effect that this powerful tool has on how we stage our clients' homes, and also on how we live our lives.

It was a memorable day. If you ever get the chance to see Barb speak, do not hesitate. She is staging the world, one smile at a time.

Until next time,

Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

Barb Schwarz has a new book and you can get it here.

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