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Outfit Of The Month

The House Outfit is the ultimate place to go when needing to bring together the final details of a home, with colour collections to match interior palettes as well as abstract designs; the house outfit has it all.

We have picked our top 5 pieces from their collection this month, to capture the transition into autumn as the sun stops shining and the nights get darker. It’s that time of the year where we are getting into the spirit of an autumnal aesthetic. This means that it’s time to dress a home with warmer tones accordingly as we transition into Autumn!

Our first pick is Sage, the colour we have seen everywhere this year as it elegantly adds a pop of colour without throwing off the neutral tones of a room. The gold adds a royal high-end feel perfect for making a home staging project more exquisite. With interchangeable frame colours, this piece can be a perfect centre stage feature or alongside Sage part 2 and 3 also available on the website.


Our second pick is Gilded Leaves - Gold/Green, leaves are obviously a big part of the autumn months and this piece which contrasts the gold against the green, creates an elegant but warm essence making this wall art the first thing that meets the eye when you enter a room. Creating a goddess/god like elegance this piece accentuates the tones and curates a space of peace and elegance.


Our third pick is Calm - Watercolour, if the space you are staging does not already explicitly radiate peace and calmness then this print is perfect for adding that final touch and labelling a space accordingly! Again, this piece has the perfect deep green tones against the gold which adds a high-end feel against the earthy green tones. This would be beautifully paired with gilded leaves in a collage to top off the decoration of any room from bedroom to an office.


Our next pick is Helen, we don't know who she is but we love what she represents, pure femininity. This art captures the female body in an elegant way, creating a delicately bold art statement to portray the female body as art. The piece would be fabulous in an intimate space like a dressing room or bedroom, but even more eye capturing in a living room space.


Our final pick for this month is Grey Pebbles, reminiscent of a cold British beach but perfect for adding a classy neutrality to a room. The beige and black tones are perfect for the transition into the colder months as they represent the main colours in the wardrobe during this time, so why not add the same colour palette to a home? This piece can also work well with an art collage on a wall, as it adds a well-balanced minimalistic tone.


With hundreds of prints to choose from for every mood, season and style the House Outfit is the place to visit when your empty walls need a new lease of life. To finalise your home staging projects to the highest degree check out The House Outfit’s selection of wall art and capture the true personality that you desire the home to radiate.

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