• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Staycation home

As a stager, curating the correct vibe to a house is essential. With travel decreasing and airports becoming vacant, why not create a staycation for viewers in the home. Matching the holiday feel can put a clients mind at ease and spark more interest in the home. Here are my 5 top staycation feel tips.


There’s something unbeatable about walking into your hotel room for the first time. Here at HSA, we believe it’s due to the pristine decluttered feel!

Walking in to see a freshly made bed, no washing, no shoes, everything clean and clear and no responsibilities allows that vacation feels. If you add covered baskets around the house to clean up the mess, achieving hotel room satisfaction is the first step towards a staycation appeal.


When it comes to texture, there is no better staycation texture than using linen. Linen’s unique weave allows more airflow than other fabrics, allowing fresh air to flow through the home. The fresh air is unbeatable in making you feel elsewhere in the world. Pair linen curtains with our next tip and the staycation feel is yours!

Stock the fruit bowl & bar cart

If you’re anything like us, a cocktail and fresh fruit away is the best feeling! So why not bring the taste senses alive for the viewers and bring them into the home. Add a fresh fruit bowl full of lemons for vibrancy, oranges and some leafy greens.

As for the bar cart, think holiday drinks. A Pina colada, a Bahama mama or a simple mojito. Stocking the bar cart with vodkas, rum and mint will remind anyone of their first choice cocktails abroad.

Open windows, put on a playlist

Nobody wants to walk into a viewing and feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. When making a big decision, silence can be helpful. Open the windows to give the fresh sounds of the world or put on a quiet, calming playlist. Think classic musicals and non-lyrical songs to bring the perfect environment for them to choose your home.

Exotic Plants

Plants and flowers have been on trend for years, but for the staycation feel it’s good to think outside the box and bring some exotic plants in. We recommend some bamboo, air-purifying Peace Lily or a tropical favourite the Bird of Paradise. The exotic culture the plants bring will have anyone feeling like they’re on holiday when they walk into the house.

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