• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Summer Selling

When we think summer, we think sunshine, freshly cut grass, cocktails, picnics and the lot! We think about things to do at home with friends and family in the garden and make use of our local parks when we’re not. Running around in sunshine and space without the weight of extra layers and coats and the discomfort of cold.

Some of you are preparing your home, this summer, to welcome its potential new owners and we want to help you give your guests the perfect picture of what a wonderful summer would be like in your property.

When selling your property, some things you are likely to consider are; what is the optimum time of year to sell a property and when will it best accentuate my property’s best features? It can be tricky to decide when that is based on your property and when you look online, it’s hard to find one unanimous answer about when that time is and how to make the best use of that time.

It is important for us to establish that with the right home staging, the optimum time to sell your home is, anytime. Right now, this summer, you can successfully sell your home by using some home staging techniques to entice your prospective buyer.

First, it would be ideal to rearrange the space to make it seem as spacious as possible, in the summer this could make the stifling heat feel less suffocating. Creating more space would involve having most of the furniture against the wall and less bulky centrepieces. Ideally, clear crystal items such as vases and brighter colours for furniture and light coloured wood, would help to make the property really summer-ready and optimum for receiving sunshine.

It would also help, suring viewings to open up blinds and windows and perhaps a sliding garden door if you have one, to make your viewers comfortable in the heat and to be able to visualise themselves in this home in the summer. If the home has a garden, it would be best to spend some time in the garden. To stage it perfectly, you could have the grass stylishly cut with lawn-stripes and remove any weeds from your patio if you have one. Give the home garden some realism by tidying up and displaying your barbeque grills if you have them! This makes it easy for your buyer to envision themselves really living and making the most of the space in the home.

To spruce up your kitchen spaces, make sure to have vibrant colours in there too! Decorate a fruit bowl with bright and vibrant fruits such as lemons and oranges, fruits which are often synonymous with the summer period and beautiful weather, but be careful to make sure there is not too much going on. Utensils and other appliances should ideally be put away to give the home a light and airy feel in the dense summer heat. Another way to amplify your home’s summer glow, is a vase of sunflowers or a green plant in a simple coloured vase.

If you are able to or feel it necessary, painting the walls and doors white or lighter shades of off white or cream, can help the home feel much more summer ready, with cool, crisp and clean colours to reflect sunlight and to make the rooms shine brighter! If your home has a more quirky feel to it, don’t be afraid to opt for bold or pastel colour feature walls in the summer to make it stand out and compliment the sunshine! If you really like to redecorate, go for wooden floors and light off-white stone instead of carpet and perhaps pair that with a simple and light coloured rug of your choosing!

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