• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Top 5 Home Organisation Tips

Since the Marie Kondo effect a year or so ago, and a couple of lockdown's later, it comes as no surprise that organising is as transformative for our minds as it is our living rooms.

Decluttering and tidying not only makes your home appear larger and more appealing, but is also proven to make you happier and healthier. Here are my top tips to achieve a mindful and clutter-free home.


Swathes of hangers and jam-packed boxes make it impossible to find what you’re looking for. Replacing plastic tupperware with glass jars is a quick affordable way to update your kitchen and make your space more functional. We love these pots from John Lewis which are simple and practical, without compromising on style. For bigger projects, the best storage can be completely invisible. Under-bed drawers and fitted wardrobes may be a long-term investment, but they can transform your home by using the space you didn’t even know was there.


Home organisation is so much simpler with a clean colour palette. Choosing bright contemporary neutrals and a minimalist aesthetic can open up your space and keep things looking neat and tidy. Opt for uniform chairs, cabinets, and glassware that harmonise with your room rather than work against it. This kitchen from Arbor and co. is the perfect example. Despite only being small, the sleek white design feels open and spacious, and the cabinets fade into the background rather than competing with the rest of the room.


Whether it’s old VHS tapes, CDs or even cassettes, nothing quite sucks up space like old tech. Although it can be hard to part with expensive past purchases it’s better to let go of that iPod shuffle you haven’t touched for the last five years. Keep your workspace in the 21st century too, by digitising your files and paperwork. Although a paperless lifestyle is impossible, making the most of digital storage is a lifesaver for both your home-office and the planet.


It can be easy to focus on bigger clutter, but little charms and knick-knacks can seriously add up. Whether it’s gloopy nail polish, expired medicine or hotel shampoo bottles, it’s better to let it go. It can be tempting to saturate every surface of your home with trinkets, but just like the old saying goes - less is definitely more. A good rule of thumb next time you want to remind yourself of fond travel memories is to learn a new recipe or take a dance class. The experience will be a lot more fun than an easily forgotten fridge magnet and requires a lot less dusting too!


If you can’t bear to part with that old photograph, there’s probably a reason why. The environment we live in is deeply connected to our identity and wellbeing, which is why it’s so important to keep our homes peaceful, clean, and organised. This is an emotional process and it won’t happen overnight, so make yourself a coffee, take a deep breath, and tackle this one step at a time.

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