• Paloma Harrington-Griffin

Top 5 picks to make lockdown cosier

Spending so much time in our houses has everyone prioritising turning their house into a home. One of the best ways of doing this is by giving your rooms that cosy feel. No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Unsure on how to do this? See below my 5 top picks for a cosy lockdown:


First off is the staple when it comes to comfort, a cosy blanket. This one explains itself. Our brand pick is the Damala Traditionally Loomed Organic Cotton Blanket in Mustard from Wolf&

The yellow is right on trend as Pantone Colour of the Year and will bring a splash of colour and cosiness into your room. The subtle geometric print gives the blanket character.


There is nothing cosy about walking on cold tiles or having cold feet, which is why a rug in any room is a cosy staple. One in the bedroom as the last and first thing you feel before bed, or one in the living room to cosy your feet into when you’re catching up on Netflix.

Our favourite rug at the moment is the Sklum Yala Rug. The neutral tones will add warmth and it helps the nordic pattern is right on trend!


One of the best things to do when you’re cosied up is reading a good book. So why not double your books up as decor?

Books on the coffee table, on a tray, under a candle all bring a cosy effect to any room.

Our top pick for decorative books is Andrew Martin. His interior design reviews not only look phenomenal, they are the best to flick through!

With new volumes every year, here’s the 2020 one to give you an idea.

Candle/ Lighting

Now lighting we usually recommend the lighter the brighter, but with obtaining a cosy feel, a light that can be dimmed is just what you need. Although dimming is done via voltage, having a frosted glass surrounding the bulbs can be the perfect solution.

Our choice is the MADE Masako Lights. The frosted glass will allow a dimmed feel creating that cosy feel throughout the night.


I know reading headboard probably has you thinking, really? But a headboard is one of the top ways to make your bed feeling cosier. With nowhere to go, our beds are our go-to. Adding a headboard makes sitting up in bed more comfortable which is key to getting cosier. Not only this, the headboard will separate you from any cold walls in these coming months.

Our top pick headboard is the Andrew Martin Indus Cloud Headboard, part of their Hindu Kush collection. The name comes from the inspiration of travelling across Eastern Asia. The neutral tones in the headboard make sure you’re right on trend for 2021.

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