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Top 5 picks to replace the decorations

With January blues in full swing and homes feeling bare without decorations, it’s perfect time for our top 5 brand picks to get your home and mind feeling ship shape.


Everyone knows the tree is the epitome of the holidays, so when it’s put away any room could feel bare. This is where a set of baskets or a pouffe comes to help. We have a pick for each, both from Graham and Green.

Not only are these two-tone baskets on-trend and look good, but they can also double up as storage for cosy blankets or books to pass the time.

This luxurious cowhide pouffe gives you somewhere to put your feet at, without compromising your style.

Or even go for both, we won’t blame you!


The absence of Christmas lights can be dampening, but with a fresh candle there is no need! Not only can they replace Christmas lights, they smell better too. Our recommendation is the Skandinavisk KOTO - ‘No place like home’ scented candle.

With Vanilla Beans and dried organs peel scents mixed with baltic amber & vintage leather, this candle really makes no place like home.


If you’re anything like us then Christmas bedding is a go-to. However, putting on old bedding after might have you rethinking your old covers. Whoever said you can’t have too many covers was right! Take a look at the John Lewis & Partners Patchwork Quilted Bedspread.

This bedspread uses a muted palette in comparison to the Christmas bedding but the mosaic detailing and a mixture of pattern will still give you that wow factor.


Counting down to Christmas is a festive speciality but once it comes and goes, you no longer want to look at the clock you stared longingly at. That’s why we suggest the MADE Outline Large Statement Clock, to put that special smile back on your face.

Out with the old and in with the new! The matte black and brushed brass accents speak for themselves.

Vase/ Plants

Plants are never a bad idea, when in moderation at least. Pair it with a trendy vase and it’s a match made in heaven. Our current favourite is the Sklum Jazz Glass Vase. With tortoise shell on the up, this vase ensures you beat the trend and save your money while doing so!

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